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Mission statement:
Simplicity is the height of perfection

How to turn a sea of data into data you can see

Time & Costs

    About streulicreations

    streulicreations GmbH is an innovative company based in the Swiss town of Maur. It has positioned itself as a competent partner of brand manufacturers and takes on the full scope of responsibility for the production of packaging, from the creation phase to the final printed product. This demands a full understanding of the complexity of the extensive processes involved – thereby ensuring that the quality, costs and time factors in the production process are optimized.


    streulicreations supports numerous national and international brand manufacturers in Europe. We also handle transactions outside this market. We are a neutral partner and can provide the support you need in areas where you might not otherwise have access; and we always assume full responsibility for our work. This unique combination truly sets us apart from other companies in the industry.

    Mission statement: Simplicity is the height of perfection

    streulicreations specializes in all types of packaging. Our concepts and conduct are one of a kind, and we set high standards for quality and uniformity. Not only do we provide superior quality (our highest aim); we also save production time, optimize the number of copies produced in a print run, save time during the preparation phase, and even succeed in maximizing your return on investment.

    streuliglobal®: How to turn a sea of data into data you can see

    The online system streuliglobal® is a central interface designed to connect everyone in the supply chain and to ensure unrestricted data sovereignty and ongoing monitoring of all processes. All data is stored in its most current form, is always accessible to you, and belongs to you without exception. Everything is transparent and can be tracked at all times.

    Time & Costs

    We save you time and money. Above all, we give you the assurance that your job is in the hands of a competent partner. The files we prepare are always print-ready and furnished with all necessary print and cylinder specifications. So you won’t be surprised with unexpected additional costs afterward. The files don’t undergo further editing in different locations, and the proofs are only generated once. We help reduce the overall costs for the manufacture of packaging.