In order to stay competitive, it’s essential to keep an eye on quality and costs… line with the company’s philosophy and values.

The identification of synergies and the use of information technology are the engine… tune with dedication and team spirit.
For us, a commitment to these values means:

We preserve values and find synergies!


    streulicreations is the core company for central packaging production and the Group’s competence center with locations in various European countries and in Asia. Of the reproduction companies around the world working independently of printing companies and printing plate manufacturers and specializing in the printing of packaging, streulicreations is the only one that adapts and prepares files to be used by any printing company and for any printing process.


    streulisystems is the Group’s software company. It supports representatives from software and hardware companies and is responsible for in-house developments and adaptations. Besides Starproof® and MaxPro®, it also develops special adhesive films for the proofing area and works in digital printing.


    streulisynergy is active in the division for steel trade and printing plates. It supplies the gravure industry with blanks for gravure printing cylinders. In cooperation with European partners, it also develops reduced-weight solutions using aluminum to facilitate handling and further use. streulisynergy handles cylinder management and the streamlining and optimization of the division.


    streuliacademy is the Streuli Group’s training and seminar division. Besides the extensive program of training options in the Group’s core area of packaging, courses are also available in other areas – such as business optimization and software training.